September 20 - 2017

As it sits right now we are needing to make decisions on the trail system we currently have for our club. 

The need for Work Bee's is going to be big before the ground freezes. We will be discussing these items at the first club meeting in October.

We are hoping for SNOW this year, and are hoping to have the trails set up so that it will be a great riding season to come. 

We look forward to hearing any ideas from club members on how to make this happens. We thrive off of members being involved, help us make the rail experience the best it has ever been. We need hands, saws, people and off road vehicles right now. Will keep everyone up to date on the Work Bee situation.

October 17 - 2016

Let it Snow, Let it SNOW.... please let it snow!

Although 2-5 cms of snow has fallen, it's not enough to cover the ATV Ruts throughout the trail system

We are currently scheduling WORK BEE's for trail brushing and SLASHING as most trails are impassable due to Spring and Fall Storms

The Ground is too soft to get equipment trail clearing so we are waiting for a harder freeze, then tackle brush clearing with sleds and saws!




Trail Conditions